Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022 MOD APK v9.14 (Unlimited Money)

First Touch Games Ltd.

The MOD APK Hack version of Dream League Soccer 2022 aka DLS 2022 will ignite your enthusiasm for football, regardless of your ability level. When participants are able to engage in outstanding and realistic matches, the experience delivered by Dream League Soccer is fully absorbed.

Name Dream League Soccer 2022
Compatible with Android
Last version 9.14
Size 504M
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Sports
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.
Google Play Link com.firsttouchgames.dls7


What's new

• Bug Fixes
Table of Contents

MOD Features

– Stupid Enemy
– Stupid Enemy v2
– Freeze Players
– Freeze Goalkeeper
– Finish Match (Halftime/Fulltime)
– Freeze Time
– Unlimited Energy
– Unlimited Substitution
– No Foul
– No Offside
– No Injuries

-Disable Enemy’s Goals
– Score Goal x20
– Score Goal x30
– Reset Goals

– Unlock Custom Kits/Logos
– Unlock Emojis
– Unlock Kits/Logos/Coach Customizations
– Unlock Formations
– No ADS

People's designation of football as the "king sport" is justified. Because almost everyone in the world has some kind of deep emotional connection to the soccer ball. Everyone, from grownups to kids, has their team and favorite player.

Fan involvement with many of their favorite players in Dream League Soccer 2022 MOD APK creates a genuine football experience. Licensed players will be incented to participate in tournaments to grow their fan bases and perform better.

A modified version of Dream League Soccer is also available, which is completely unlocked and has full VIP access without having to spend any real money on the game. The lack of limitations is because all of the game's features and modes will be free to access. This soccer game provides you with infinite free cash that can be used to purchase whatever you choose.

Since First Touch Games knows how much soccer fans love playing the game on their phones, they created the Dream League Soccer series. Dream League Soccer has unquestionably risen to the top among football video games. The developers saw this game as motivation to deliver the next version, DLS 2022.

Make powerful team

As a first step, players in Dream League Soccer 2022 can assemble their own soccer squad with various customization. As you wrap up the massive transactions, don't forget to sign your favorite players.

Involve yourself in thrilling soccer matches while honing your team's skills, strategies, and playstyles. Enjoy yourself as you battle it out in the highest divisions against other online players and eventually reach the Legendary Division. Put together the best possible squad or team and enter the names into the Hall of Fame.

Play worldwide

One of the best aspects of the Dream League Soccer video game is its online multiplayer option, where players from all over the globe may compete in friendly or competitive soccer matches.

There are many exciting online competitions and events using this game. Contacts and folks are welcome to join you in this game. In multiplayer mode, you can wow your pals with your soccer prowess.

3D graphic 

Dream League Soccer 2022 will use a 3D visual design like most other football video games. In fact, contrary to the 2020 release, significant graphical improvements have been implemented to provide gamers with a higher quality and more aesthetically pleasing visual experience.

Players will require a smartphone with a setup high enough to enjoy the game without experiencing any latency since the game's interface design has been updated and the graphics configuration has been upgraded to 1080p.

Incredible visuals and audio design

With its improved AI and new animations, Dream League Soccer is set to completely revamp the mobile football genre. Dream League Soccer 2022 builds on the previous season's success by capturing the essence of the "beautiful game."

The visuals have been improved to full 1080p resolution in this release. The layout of the user interface has also been updated. These include a brand-new splash screen, player card backdrop, and billboard. Additionally, the control button has been modified, but not much from the prior iteration.

Dream League Soccer 2022's soundtrack is a major upgrade over prior iterations. A whole new anthem may be heard while playing. The game's narration and music have both received their updates. Throw a football celebration like no other for your guests to remember.


Those who are interested may also freely alter the appearance of their teams, players, and even the management. Transform your team's image by donning a new uniform of striking colors and patterns emblazoned with bold new logos. Managers like it when you give them the whole picture.

Swap around your bios, wardrobes, and haircuts. The best way to confirm that your complete team gets credit for a championship victory is to win spectacularly.

Get unlimited money

The standard version doesn't give decent money; that's why you need to make money by participating in various matches, which requires a while. Installing the mod apk on your smartphone allows you to quickly and simply access an infinite supply of cash in the popular soccer simulation game Dream League.

Since there will be no restrictions on spending, you are free to utilize the infinite money whenever you want to buy anything.

Unlocked complete game

You may play the complete game without buying any extra content in this cracked version of Dream League Soccer. All features and choices in this game will be entirely unlocked and include a premium; that's why you may enjoy anything without spending anything.

You can play the whole game without having to wait or experience any restrictions by downloading this hacked version.

Take on a variety of thrilling soccer challenges.

Players in Dream League Soccer 2022 will experience thrilling soccer action as they take on various amazing soccer challenges. There are 8 leagues to choose from and 10 exciting club events to join.

Conquer your foes and go on to the next, tougher round. And with the appropriate challenges at each level, you'll have a blast playing.


You can listen to commentary while performing a Soccer match, which is a big attraction point since soccer would otherwise be somewhat dull without it. You may personalize your experience by selecting from a variety of languages and accents provided by this function.

Use Coaches to Help Your Players Improve

When it comes to actual football, players need someone who can help them hone their skills via instruction. However, you can't make it to the highest levels of the sport without a coach; therefore, having one is essential.

You may now hire coaches to improve your player's technical and physical skills, just as in the real world. If your team's coach works to improve his or her players' strength and agility, your team will be more equipped to compete with the best in the world.

Zero ads

Pop-ups and video commercials in Dream League Soccer are very annoying and can only be removed in the paid Pro edition of the game. This game is also available in a modded form, which removes all advertisements so you may play uninterrupted. As an added bonus, this hacked version is devoid of any and all forms of advertising.


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